Beatrix and Peanut in Action!!


Jack is available to stud to approved American Bulldog Females.

Jack is a 105 lb male Standard/Performance American Bulldog with very good athleticism and temperament.   When mated with a bully female, the results are spectacular.  You will get very large pups with beautiful large heads and tons of energy and confidence.   When mated with a Standard, you will get large but varied type dogs from hybrid to standard conformation.  Jack has a 24 inch head and a 21 inch neck.  He stands 27 inches tall and has a 4 inch snout with a tight scissor bite.  He is high energy, has tons of prey drive.  He is dominant but not aggressive.  He is great with kids and suspicious of strangers, which makes him a great natural guard dog.  His bloodlines within one generation have hog catching dogs, and protection trained dogs (his sire holds a Sch III title) with some of the best breeders in the world.   Jack is NCL clear and has good hips.  Stud fee is $700 or pick of the litter. 


Jack's Pedigree